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The Benefits of Concierge Medicine

The welfare of a concierge medicine assistance contradict the traditional and conventional health care services in a striking way. Like for example a visiting time that a physician will provide to a patient will take an average of 30-45 minutes per visit, and a physical check-up will take up to 90 minutes per meeting. This will benefit the patient to have ample time to sit for a longer period to talk to the doctor and discuss some health issues. In return, it also provides the doctors with much opportunity to gain more understanding of the patient’s health and provide proper actionable advice.

Proper and mannerly communication between a doctor and their patient will provide a mutual understanding and appropriate prescriptions were delivered to the exact cause of the illness. Concierge doctors provide their services to their patients personally in exchange for a fair amount but usually paid on a monthly basis. Generally, these services are usually common to wealthy patients who can afford a specially made payment scheme that is also considered as personalized medical service care. Below are some of the benefits that a patient can enjoy when hiring a concierge physician to act as their concierge medical services.

Absolutely Available

Today, most people are very busy with their schedule whether school, office and raising children, and squeezing doctor’s schedules of appointments is next to impossible. Due to some hectic work, it is very difficult for you to carve out a time for a health schedule and visit a doctor for a regular check-up. In addition, a 30 minute downtime is big enough to wait for your name to be called, plus a 20 minute delay in the examination room is a huge waste of precious time. By hiring the services of these concierge physicians, you can get and enjoy the satisfying care with no hassles in forcing it to your routine. Concierge physician services are absolutely available anytime at your own house on a schedule indicated on your calendar without delaying any works that are already assigned on each day.

Prevent Long-lasting Health Issues

Unlike any traditional primary care, a concierge physician will attend to your schedule of healthcare and can spend for a longer time discussing your health issue. They can provide you ample time on health check-ups and even go beyond the conventional way of analysing the results and discuss it to their patient. Explaining every bit and pieces of the results of his examination will further relieve you from anxieties of what is the reason of your illness and provide you more insights about your health. Concierge physician can give the right advice on how to deal with your illness and provide a preventive measure on how to achieve a long-lasting health assurance.

Great Savings

If you maintain the same concierge doctor for a long period of time, rest assured that he can deep dive the medical history of yourself and the whole family as well. This is one of the great advantages of maintaining a concierge physician is your family will also benefit his services. Whether it’s your children or your parents, you can have the same services in one family medical checkups in one place altogether. Indeed, great savings will be enjoyed by the whole family in maintaining one concierge physician for the whole family.

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